Welcome to the Official Liverpool Supporters Club Queensland

A home for all those with a heart that beats to the rhythm of the Mighty Reds!

OLSC QLD History

We’ve been part of the colourful fabric of Queensland’s sporting life since our official inception in 2013, providing a common ground for fans to rally and cheer for the legendary Liverpool FC. Yet our history stretches even longer, as we’ve been gathering under the banner of passion for Liverpool FC since much before our formal establishment.


We are proud to hold true to Liverpool FC’s values of unity, commitment, and ambition, fostering a community that thrives on shared enthusiasm and fellowship. Throughout our journey, we’ve hosted countless events, even having the honour of Liverpool legends gracing our celebrations.


Our current fortress is the Stock Exchange Hotel in Brisbane’s vibrant CBD, where we gather for each live telecast of LFC’s heart-stopping matches. We’re a collective of local, Queensland residents who share a fervent passion for the Beautiful Game and, more specifically, the legacy of Liverpool FC.

So, what's in it for you as a member?

24/25 Season Memberships to be released soon … watch this space!

  • Exclusive access to Liverpool FC tickets for Anfield via the Official Liverpool Supporters Club ticketing scheme, a privilege only for our Queensland mates.
  • Enjoy a cheeky 10% off on food anytime at the Stock Exchange Hotel
  • Celebrate the Reds on games nights with Sunshine Reds drinks specials at the Stock Exchange Hotel
  • A chance to participate in members-only prize draws
  • Priority access to all our buzzing OLSC Queensland events

If you’re not based in Queensland, no worries! There are over 300 OLSC branches in 100 countries; one of them could be yours. You can find yours here.

No matter where you are, we are Liverpool. YNWA (You’ll Never Walk Alone)!


24/25 Season Memberships to be released soon … watch this space!

  • OLSC Queensland is one of just over 300 official LFC supporters clubs around the world.  One of the privileges of being an OLSC is the ability for our club to apply to LFC for a supply of Premier League* tickets for games being played at Anfield.

    One of the benefits of being a member of an OLSC such as ours, is the ability to request a ticket for such games*.  Please note there are a number of factors to be taken into account regarding the availability of such tickets:

    All OLSCs are bound by the rules laid down by LFC (see below), and these cannot be varied.

    The OLSC ticket allocation is based on a bidding process.  LFC will determine our allocation based on a number of factors, such as the level of interest in a particular fixture from other OLSCs.

    The bidding process generally takes place twice per season – once at the beginning of the season for the games in the first half of the season, and secondly at approximately the halfway point, for games scheduled for the remainder of the season.

    OLSC Queensland will advise members when they can make a request for tickets, and the deadlines for doing so.  We will generally communicate via email to our members, as well as via our official Facebook page:


    OLSC Queensland cannot guarantee any tickets.  All requests are subject to availability.  We are limited as to the number of tickets we can apply for, and in some cases we may not receive any tickets for a particular game, or our request may only be partially fulfilled. 

    Before we can communicate any allocations to our members, we need to await the decision from LFC on our respective bids.  Should we not receive our ticket requirements in full, OLSC Queensland will determine the individual ticket allocation fairly and transparently.

    There may be exceptional circumstances beyond the control of OLSC Queensland that tickets may be withdrawn or cancelled

    To be eligible to apply for tickets, please note the following:

    • Requests can only be accepted from fully paid-up members for that season (or from the previous season in the case of the first half-season allocation)
    • Each member may apply for a single ticket only.
    • To be eligible for OLSC Queensland allocated tickets, the member must reside in Queensland, Australia

    Further considerations

    • Tickets will only be made available by LFC shortly before each game. At this point, successful member applicants will be required to pay the face value of the ticket (in equivalent Australian Dollars) to OLSC Queensland upon request to our club bank account.
    • Tickets are priced at normal face value.
    • For various reasons, game days and kick-off times may vary from the original scheduled date/time (for example, due to TV scheduling). Members’ plans, therefore, need to be flexible when bidding.
    • We have no control or influence over where in Anfield a ticket will be allocated
    • Special requests, such as wheelchair-accessible seating, will be accepted but cannot always be guaranteed. Please state any requirements at the time of the request
    • If a member cannot take up an allocated ticket, he / she should advise OLSC Queensland as soon as practical so it can be reallocated to another member
    • Members cannot transfer tickets to a third party
    • Refunds for already paid-for tickets can only be accepted no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled game. LFC must receive requests by this deadline, so please advise OLSC Queensland at least 48 hours in advance of the 14-day deadline to allow us to contact LFC
    • Requests for tickets other than Premier League games can be requested through the normal channels, i.e. direct to LFC at liverpoolfc.com/tickets

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q           Will my ticket be allocated for the Spion Kop if my request is approved?

    A           Possibly, but there is no guarantee that a particular part of the ground will be allocated.  Specific requests cannot be accepted.

    Q           We have two family members in the OLSC, therefore, can we apply for two tickets, and will we be seated together?

    A           Yes, you can apply for one ticket of the two members.  Generally, the tickets will be allocated sitting together but potentially in some circumstances, it may not be possible. 

    Q           If the game date changes and I cannot take up my allocation, can I transfer the ticket to a friend?

    A           No.  The ticket must be returned to OLSC Queensland for redistribution.

    Q           I am excited at the prospect of going to Anfield.  How do I become a member of OLSC Queensland??

    A           Applications for membership can be accessed from the following link: https://www.olscqueensland.au/membership-account/membership-levels/

    Q           I was a member of OLSC Queensland a few years ago.  Can I apply for Anfield tickets in the next allocation?

    A           Yes, but you must renew your membership for this season at the link above.

    Q           If I am unsuccessful in obtaining a ticket through OLSC, what is the best way of obtaining a ticket for Anfield?

    A           The best way is to deal directly with LFC ticketing at the following link: www.liverpoolfc.com/tickets

    Q           I am a member of the OLSC Queensland Facebook group.  Am I entitled to apply for tickets?

    A           Only if you become a paid member of OLSC Queensland.  It’s only $25 to join for the season, and you will be entitled to lots of goodies.  Apply at the following link: